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Vol 17, no 9 September 2017

Dropout Prevention Update

From the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
September 2017—Vol. 17, No. 9

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2017 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

October 22–25, 2017
Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel and Convention Center
Palm Springs, CA

2017 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

Join us in California next month and learn more about dropout prevention and career and technical education/workforce development, dropout prevention and arts/media/entertainment, dropout prevention and students and families of trauma, strategies for supporting migrant and undocumented students, and much more. This is NDPC/N’s largest and most attended conference each year. Please plan to join us for this exciting event. There may even be some West Coast celebrities in attendance! Follow the link for registration and hotel reservations. Visit http://dropoutprevention.org/conferences/2017-national-dropout-prevention-network-conference/ for more information.

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2018 At-Risk Youth National FORUM

February 18–21, 2018
Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation
Myrtle Beach, SC

2018 FORUM

Registration is now open for the 2018 At-Risk Youth National FORUM, held each year in Myrtle Beach, SC. The call for proposals to present is also still open until November 15. This year, areas of focus include strategies for homeless youth, mentoring relationships, and family & youth engagement. Submit a proposal to present, register to attend, or find more information at www.dropoutprevention.org/conferences/2018-at-risk-youth-national-forum.

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2018 Reaching the Wounded Student Conference

June 24–27, 2018
Embassy Suites Orlando-Lake Buena Vista South
Kissimmee, FL

2018 RTWSC

2018 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

October 28–31, 2018
Hyatt Regency Columbus
Columbus, OH

2018 NDPNC

What Is the Colorado Student Engagement Institute?

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network and Hope 4 The Wounded, LLC, are pleased to sponsor the Colorado Student Engagement Institute (SEI), a two-day professional development workshop. This workshop event will guide school teams through a process that yields practical improvement plans to increase student success. Visit www.dropoutprevention.org/conferences/co-student-engagement-institute for more information or contact NDPC/N (864-656-2599 or ndpc@clemson.edu) for additional details or to discuss planning a SEI for your state or region.

Colorado Student Engagement Institute

November 13–14, 2017
Arvada Banquet and Conference Center
Arvada, CO

2017 SEI
Teams from around the country are welcome to register for this upcoming SEI event, but registration is limited so register early at http://www.cvent.com/events/2017-colorado-student-engagement-institute/event-summary-c1d7744c0af047c99a96e3c183892d38.aspx.

What Is the National Dropout Prevention Specialist Certification Program?

Specialist Certification

Join a growing army of educators and practitioners identified as working with and/or on behalf of students at risk of dropping out of school. The National Dropout Prevention Specialist certification program is founded on NDPC/N’s research-based effective strategies, known youth risk factors, professional learning participation, and field implementation of acquired knowledge. This certification verifies and strengthens dropout prevention experience and expertise, and facilitates networking with others equally dedicated to dropout prevention. Visit http://dropoutprevention.org/services-certifications/national-dropout-prevention-specialist-certification-program/ for more information or to register for the certification program, or contact us at ndpc@clemson.edu with any questions. NDPC/N posts certification program completers, their bios, and their field projects on our website. Click here to see and read about this celebrated group of individuals and examples of how they implement dropout prevention in their arenas!

Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

“Coalition of Caring: Developing a Trauma-Sensitive School Culture”

Aired on: September 12, 2017
Click here to view the webcast.

September 2017 Solutions

Join our guest, Timothy Nolan, as he discusses the community of learners approach he and an urban high school team of concerned educators and mental health professionals followed as they approached and addressed the toxic stress levels of students in their school. Nolan shares the resources and research the team compiled as well as how those resources were integrated into their process. Nolan discusses the resulting professional development workshop that launched the school’s systemic process of changing school culture by addressing Adverse Childhood Effects (ACEs), Resilience, and Restorative Practices for students and Compassion Fatigue or Self-Care for teachers. The systemic change led the focus school to begin developing a trauma-sensitive school culture.
The webcast guides participants to

  • reflect upon three key questions about ethical leadership and its impact on students and peers,
  • examine the effects of trauma on children, and
  • identify possible resources to support participants’ work with children of trauma.

At the conclusion of the webcast, participants will have knowledge and resources that will allow them to begin to build a community of learners network to support culture change within their school and community. This month’s webcast includes a particularly extensive list of suggested resources related to the topic. Visit www.dropoutprevention.org/webcast/coalition-of-caring for more information.

Tune in on October 10 at 3:30 PM for next month’s Solutions to the Dropout Crisis program, “Student Voice, Straight Talk, and a Culture of Hope.” Our guest will be Leigh Colburn, an education consultant and co-founder of The Centergy Project. Colburn will talk about what happens when in-school warning systems point to outside-of-school barriers to success such as transiency, family changes, poverty, immigration, addiction, and mental health. Link to www.dropoutprevention.org/webcast/student-voice-straight-talk for more on this upcoming program.

Solutions webcasts are always offered to you free of cost, with no registration required. Tune in the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 PM ET for new Solutions to the Dropout Crisis, sponsored by K12 Inc. and FuelEducation.

Top Stories

Dropout Prevention Month

October is National Dropout Prevention Month, a time to focus on increasing awareness of the long-term effects on students, the economy, and society when students drop out of school. National Dropout Prevention Month challenges our nation to become better informed about how to prevent students from dropping out of school. Too often, the need for both dropout prevention awareness and viable solutions is underestimated. While progress in reducing school dropout rates has been made, the need for greater awareness still exists. You can find more information and resources such as posters and other promotional materials at www.dropoutprevention.org/octoberresources.

New from NDPC/N

Rural Resources

NDPC/N has posted several new resources to its rural resources webpage at http://dropoutprevention.org/rural-dropout-prevention-resources/. Included are several new publications and tools designed to help often under-resourced rural schools and districts improve graduation rates. In addition to more than a dozen videos showing dropout prevention in action in states across the nation, the new resources include The Rural Principal’s Guide to Dropout Prevention, a conceptual framework that specifically addresses the unique needs of rural schools; The Local School Board’s Role in Dropout Prevention, a PowerPoint presentation, with facilitator notes, for school superintendents’ use in guiding informed policy decisions relative to dropout prevention; Recovery and Reengagement Initiatives in Rural Contexts, a self-assessment instrument that rural school districts can use to score and improve their dropout recovery efforts; Rural Dropout Prevention Issues & Solutions, a 36-page guidebook on designing and implementing successful dropout prevention initiatives in rural settings; and A Guide for Rural High School Graduation Coach Implementation, a guide that assists rural high schools to consider, design, and implement a graduation coach program as a dropout prevention measure. These resources are free for you to download and use, or you can order hard copies from the NDPC/N store, in the category “Research Reports and Guides.”

Do you Really Want to Drop Out

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network has just updated one of its most popular print products, an eight-page booklet called Do You Really Want to Drop Out? Know the Facts. With input from several student focus groups (thanks to Kent State University and to New Beginnings Academy in Lorain, OH), this booklet is aimed toward middle and high school students who may be considering dropping out. The booklet is available in packs of 50 from the NDPC/N store. The Spanish translation is coming soon.

Online Courses

Check out NDPC/N’s new series of online professional development courses on the 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention. Each course is individually priced so you can take one course or multiple courses, depending on your needs, interests, and professional learning plans. Courses are self-paced and interactive, including video clips and self-assessments. Sixteen online courses are available now. Go to www.dropoutprevention.org/15-effective-strategies-online-courses for more information, including FAQs, or visit the NDPC/N store at www.dropoutprevention.org/shop to register for one or more of the 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention online courses.

Effective Strategies

Safe Learning Environments

Read a series of articles from USA Today exploring adolescent mental health care in South Dakota. Relying on overly simplistic early warning systems and health screenings can allow students with no traditional signs or mental illness or trauma to go undiagnosed and untreated. Other holes in the safety nets can lead to misdiagnosis, nontreatment, or noncompletion of treatment. One article, “Mental Health Screening Misses Kids in Need in South Dakota,” focuses on some of the roles of schools in mental health screening. Identifying mental health issues is a challenge for schools across the nation.

Healio.com’s Psychiatric Annals recently published an article presenting statistics showing that youth who dropped out of high school were more likely to have or develop some form of substance abuse than peers still attending school. Read the full article at https://www.healio.com/psychiatry/substance-use-disorders/news/online/%7B23048f71-f5e5-477e-9be4-5a4d4ad491cf%7D/substance-use-more-common-in-high-school-dropouts to learn more about how dropout prevention efforts are linked to substance abuse prevention.

Family Engagement

September is Attendance Awareness month. See http://awareness.attendanceworks.org/ for information and tips on school attendance for parents of young children and teens, schools, afterschool providers, healthcare providers, school boards, teachers, community organizations and leaders, and more.

Early Literacy

Check out the Teaching Channel’s video on “Literacy Centers for Multilingual Students,” at https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/literacy-centers-sife-bridges. The video shows a centers-based model for use with ELL (English Language Learners) with SIFE (interrupted [or inconsistent] formal education) students with developing literacy (home level literacy levels at or below third grade). Visit the website https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos?default=1 for more videos that model teaching techniques.


A webpage from Faces Norwest offers some tips and resources related to selecting and training developmentally typical peer mentors for students with autism. Many of the tips are applicable for other peer mentoring program applications. See http://facesnorthwest.com/wp/index.php/program-info/mentor-program/ for more details.

Students With Disabilities

NBC News recently broadcast a story about a young boy on the autism spectrum who uses Siri to practice communication skills. His mother, Judith Newman, wrote a book about the experience called To Siri With Love. You can watch NBC News story here.

An article from THE Journal discusses a new report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities that examines why students with learning and attention issue are three times more likely to drop out. You can read the article here, or access the full report here.

Funding Sources

(from http://philanthropynewsdigest.org)

NCTM Accepting Applications or Equity in Mathematics Grants
Grants of up to $8,000 will be awarded to individual middle school teachers or small groups of teachers interested in incorporating classroom materials designed to improve the achievement of students with a previous record of underachievement.
Deadline: 11/3/2017

NCTM Accepting Applications for Emerging Teacher-Leaders Grants for Elementary Math Teachers
A single grant of up to $6,000 will be awarded to support the professional development of an elementary school mathematics teacher with mathematics content expertise.
Deadline: 11/3/17

Project Learning Tree Seeks Applications for Environmental Education Projects
Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded in support of environmental projects that demonstrate service-learning, exemplify student voice, and involve at least one community partner.
Deadline: 9/30/17

National Science Teachers Association Invites Nominations for Shell Science Teaching Award
The annual $10,000 prize recognizes an outstanding classroom science teacher (K–12) who has had a positive impact on his or her students, school, and community through exemplary classroom science teaching.
Deadline: 12/15/17

Robbie Foundation Accepting Applications for AAT Program
The foundation (serving children between the ages of birth to 20 years residing in the state of Maine) is accepting applications for its Adaptive Equipment/Assistive Technology/Therapy Treatment (AAT) Program. The AAT program is open to children with special needs who would benefit from adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapy treatment, and/or any other essential item not covered by insurance or any additional funding resource. Grants will pay for items and services that help maximize growth and development and create an easier and more enjoyable learning and/or living environment for a child. Applications are accepted and reviewed quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct). Available funds are fluctuating and items are funded by date received until funds are depleted.
Deadline: 10/5/17 (for fall quarter)

Health Foundation of South Florida Invites Proposals for Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs
Grants of up to $60,000 will be awarded to support the implementation of evidence-based and innovative programs aimed at increasing children’s knowledge of and attitudes toward healthy eating, leading to healthier nutrition behavior change.
Deadline: Open All Year

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