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24th Annual National Dropout Prevention Network Conference

October 14-17, 2012, Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida.  Please mark your calendars! The National Dropout Prevention Network, in partnership with The Florida Department of Education, invites you to the 24th Annual National Dropout Prevention Network Conference, Ignite the Potential Within; Connect, Inspire, Graduate!

Conference Information and Registration

Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

Poverty and School Success: Challenges and Opportunities with Under-Resourced Students

Tammy Pawloski, Ph.D., is the Director of the Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty at Francis Marion University.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
3:30 - 4:30 pm Eastern Time
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25th Annual At-Risk Youth National FORUM

February 17-20, 2013
Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation
Myrtle Beach, SC

Sale of the Month

Route to Success: A Leader School's Youth Consultant Program by J.Kelley, J. Specter, and J. Young

Youth Consultants: Putting It All Together, by Wren Middle School Students.

Service-learning is truly an effective strategy for dropout prevention. When youth assume leadership roles, they develop skills that foster their resilience to situations in their lives that place them at risk. In these two publications, written by youth, students learn from other students how to become effective, service-learning leaders in their schools.

Normally $7 each, these books can be ordered this month for only $8 for the pair.

Ordering Information
Top Stories
FRONTLINE has partnered with American Graduate and Corporation for Public Broadcasting to launch the Dropout Nation Community Engagement campaign. Two videos, a series of reports on the dropout epidemic, and an ambitious outreach campaign are available. See video links in Video section below. A one-hour documentary titled Dropout Nation will air Tues., Sept. 25, at 10 pm (ET) on PBS.

UNDROPPABLE is a social media campaign and feature length documentary "in the making" to highlight inspiring students who are going through a lot of difficulties, but somehow are able to muscle through and graduate no matter what. Most of the time you hear about a school on TV it's because something bad happened in that community. UNDROPPABLE is here to show schools there are people in the media who want to shine a light on the BEST things that are happening at their schools.

Sound Connections
Marty Duckenfield of the National Dropout Prevention Center learns about the role of nationally certified educators in dropout prevention when she speaks with Joanna Murray, a California educator and a Program Ambassador for the National University Professional Teaching Development Center.

The Role of the Principal. "You can no longer just worry about the issues that are happening within your school." Listen to an interview with Luis Torres to hear about his philosophy on moving from a school leader to a community leader. (ASCD SmartBrief)

The Middle School Moment focuses on the growing body of evidence that suggests the make-or-break moment for high school dropouts may actually be in middle school.

Need to Know: Reengaging Dropouts focuses on Philadelphia’s ambitious plan to reach out and reengage high school dropouts.

Policy Updates
A Pregnancy Test for Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Students. This report, by the National Women’s Law Center, describes the particular challenges faced by pregnant and parenting students and highlights the requirements of federal and state laws.

Timing of Student Rewards Key to Effectiveness, Study Finds. New research sheds light on some possible reasons why experiments to pay or reward students for good test scores have been yielding lackluster results. (Ed Week Update)

Who’s Afraid of Student Advisory? This issue of ASCD Express shows various ways to use a student advisory program to help students make their way profitably through the academic and social spheres of school.

Classroom Lessons Get Boost from Social Media. A growing number of schools in the United Kingdom are using digital technology and social media to engage students in lessons. (Smartbrief)

How Japan Introduced 21st-Century Global Skills Through Integrated Learning. (Ed Week Update)

Effective Strategies
Systemic Renewal
School Improvement. A plethora of information from the UCLA Center for Mental Health on designing school improvement to enhance classroom climate/culture, school climate/culture, and environments that support learning.

Designing an Effective Intervention System for Your School. The article outlines necessary steps to take to design an effective system, including examining the current system, collecting and analyzing data, assessing student needs, and developing targeted programs. (ASCD SmartBrief)

Site Review: Intervention Central—Help with RTI. Need a strategy for helping a struggling student or a tool to assess his progress? Implementing RTI is no small feat, but Intervention Central puts this complicated model within reach. (Education World Reviews Newsletter)

Active Learning
How to Implement a Schoolwide Project-Based Learning Activity (Edutopia)
Teaching & Learning Through Multiple Intelligences (Education in America)
History Project Helps Students Put Knowledge into Action (Powerful Learning Practice)
Tips for Teachers to Create a Successful, Project-based Learning Experience (Edutopia)
Ten Tips for Better Project-based Learning (ASCD)

Educational Technology
Using Blended Learning to Teach all Students in New Ways. Sam McElroy, a special-education teacher, reflects on a year of blended learning. (Gotham Schools)

Leveraging Intelligent, Adaptive Learning to Personalize Education. A special white paper based on the Speak Up 2011 National Findings (Dreambox Learning)

Embracing the Inevitable: How to Create K-12 Acceptable Use Policies That Harness the Power of Mobility provides guidance on developing Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for mobile active learning. (Blackboard, Inc.) You must register, but it’s free.

Understanding the Flipped Classroom-What it is and What it isn’t. As flipped classrooms become more popular, there is evidence the model has helped personalize learning for students. (ASCD Smartbrief)

Students with Disabilities
Improving Special Education in Tough Times. Special education can benefit from the same focus on efficiency found in general education. (EdWeek Update)

Mobile App Enables Speech for People with Disabilities. A $99 wheelchair-friendly revolutionary application, dubbed TalkRocket Go, has been launched by MyVoice for people with speech disabilities. (SmartBrief on EdTech)

Funding sources are available on the NDPC/N Web site.

Resources & Tools
Guide helps teach the difference between bullying and discourse.
Tips to help students meet the NaNoWriMo challenge.
Resources to help teachers use Pinterest in the classroom.
Back-to-school activities that engage students' hearts and minds.
National Child Awareness Month — September
Hunger Action Month — September
International Literacy Day — September 8
Grandparents Day — September 9
World Suicide Prevention Day — September 10 - Free Toolkit Available
National Day of Service and Remembrance — September 11
National Hispanic Heritage Month — September 15 - October 15
Constitution Day — September 17
International Day of Peace — September 21

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