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Our 25th Anniversary

October 26, 2011, was the 25th anniversary of the National Dropout Prevention Center! Here is our 25th anniversary video! Learn about our origins, our history, and our plans for the future.

Educational Strategies & Student Engagement Institute

Complete the Journey: Paving a Path to Success
November 7-10, 2011 | St. Petersburg, Florida
A combined effort of four formerly separate conferences: Effective Strategies in Dropout Prevention, School Attendance Symposium, Juvenile Justice Education Institute, and Fall Leadership for Volunteer/Community Outreach Programs

We are proud to present our 2011 Crystal Star Award winners.

Deb Dillon of Fargo, ND, recipient of the Dropout Prevention Excellence Award
Rob Shumer, University of Minnesota, recipient of the Distinguished Leadership and Service Award
Read on and listen to the interviews

Dr. Sam Drew keynotes
for the American Graduate Summit

The ETV American Graduate is a public media initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help local communities across America find solutions to address the dropout crisis. Watch the Video.

Dropout Prevention Services and Programs in Public School Districts: 2010–11

This report from the National Center for Education Statistics provides national estimates about dropout prevention services and programs in public school districts.

Does a policy of kicking "bad kids" out of school so "good kids" can learn really work?

Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, and Racial Justice, a new report authored by Dan Losen of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA

Sound Connections
Our October Solutions to the Dropout Crisis webcast features Fifteen Effective Strategies that should be part of every comprehensive dropout prevention plan!

Mark your calendar for the November 29th Solutions to the Dropout Crisis radio webcast: The Design and Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs presented by Chet Edwards and Drew Hinds.

Diary of a Turnaround School Listen to the webinar describing how a Massachusetts high school, using literacy strategies, turned around a 70% poverty/73% minority school. Go here for additional resources for this site.

Media Spotlight
Edutopia's Schools That Work package has produced an excellent video on a re-teach method that allows time for every student.

Funding Sources
· State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grants - Nov. 9
· Project Ignition Grants - Nov. 15
· The College Board: Costas Awards - Nov. 18
· MLK Day Lead Organizer Grants - Nov. 18
· NGA/Home Depot: Youth Garden Grant- Nov. 28
· Zula International/NSTA: Early Science Educator Awards - Nov. 30
· Student Organizing and Assistance Resources (SOAR) Grants - Nov. 30
· AAPT: High School Physics Teachers Grants - Dec. 1
· New Leaders for New Schools: Aspiring Principals Program - Dec. 1
· ASME: Discover Educator Recognition Award - Dec. 1
· 2011 SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Awards - Dec. 1
· CVS Caremark: Community Grants - Jan - Oct 2012
· Ezra Jack Keats Minigrants - Mar. 15
· CSCP minigrant to increase the participation of K-12 youth with disabilities in computer science

Policy Updates
Challenges and Solutions for Student Mobility A new report,"Challenges and Solutions to Educating Mobile Students", examines the challenges of students changing schools in the middle of the school year for both students and teachers and identifies promising strategies for overcoming these challenges. Following the Nevada Growth Model, the emphasis is placed on student growth rather than grade-level expectations.

The Pew Center on the States released Pre-K Now's final report, which advocates shifting policy making toward a pre-K-through-12 system.

A new report from UCLA's Center for Mental Health Dropout Prevention: Do Districts Pursue Best Practice Recommendations?

Effective Strategies
The future of the American economy increasingly depends on the preparation of our youth. Alliance for Excellent Education's new report, "Expanded Learning Opportunities: A More Comprehensive Approach to Preparing High School Students for College and a Career, suggests strategies for preparing the nation's youth.

NLC Study Finds Citywide Approaches to Afterschool Spreading Across the Country: Research Report Highlights Progress in 27 Leading Cities.

Visitors to New York State's CareerZone Web site will notice right away that it was designed with teenagers in mind. It's described as an online career exploration and planning system to make career exploration and planning fun and easy.

In this report, "Building Local Leadership for Change: A National Scan of Parent Leadership Training Programs", the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, describes and analyzes four successful parent leadership training programs around the country, each with a different focus: leadership training, immigrant families, child learning support, and understanding and navigating the educational system.

America's Promise Alliance is inviting communities to become Grad Nation Communities to be part of a national network of cities and towns focusing on the local schools that are most in need of improvement.

The Coalition for Community Schools is hosting a series of webinars beginning at noon Nov. 2nd to learn how to scale up community schools using their new online interactive Scaling Up Guide.

Students with Disabilities
The National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities - Reentry Programs for Out-of-School Youth with Disabilities

Resources & Tools
New Resources on High School Tiered Interventions to accompany the report, "Tiered Interventions in High Schools: Using Preliminary Lessons Learned to Guide Ongoing Discussion."

The National Dropout Prevention Center on Facebook.