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Safe Dates

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Contact Information:
Roxanne Schladweiler

Program Specification:






Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness

Age/Grade Level:

Target Settings:

Target Groups:

Middle School
High School

Inner City

School Wide


Other Participation Criteria:

All Ethnicities


Safe Dates is a school-based middle and high school program designed to stop or prevent the initiation of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse on dates or between individuals involved in a dating relationship. The program goals are to change adolescent dating violence norms, change adolescent gender-role norms, improve conflict resolution skills for dating relationships, promote victims' and perpetrators' beliefs in the need for help and awareness of community resources for dating violence, promote help-seeking by victims and perpetrators, and improve peer help-giving skills. The Safe Dates program can stand alone or fit easily within a health education, family, or general life-skills curriculum. Because dating violence is often tied to substance abuse, Safe Dates also may be used with drug and alcohol prevention and general violence prevention programs. Safe Dates could also be part of a school's support group or counseling program, afterschool, or enrichment program.

Program Descriptors Include:
Extra Curricular, Substance Abuse, Life Skills Training

Starting Date: Unspecified
Students Served Per Year: Unspecified
Last Verified: 2009

Risk Factors:

Protective Factors:

Program addresses the following:

Individual factors

  • High-risk social behavior

Community factors

  • Youth social attitudes

Program promotes the following:


  • Opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Clear social norms


  • Healthy/conventional beliefs and standards

Program Resources:

Annual Cost:


Funding Sources Include:

Program Staff Includes:



Materials Used:

Supporting / Partner Organizations:

Instructional Texts/Manuals


Evaluation Information:

To achieve outcomes, all nine sessions of the curriculum, the play, and the poster contest should be completed. Safe Dates was evaluated using a pre-test, post-test control group experimental design in schools across one county at one-month and one-year follow-ups up to four years out from treatment. At the one-month follow-up, compared to students in control schools, Safe Dates students were less likely to perpetrate psychological, sexual, and violence against their current dating partner. Four years after the treatment, compared to students in control schools, Safe Dates students were significantly: less likely to perpetrate psychological, sexual, and violence against their current dating partner; and less likely to experience sexual victimization.

How evaluation data was collected:
Data collected and analyzed at school/district level

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