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Guidance N Action

2001 Green Mountain Drive #123
Little Rock, AR 72212

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Contact Information:
Mr. Marquis L. Cooper

Program Specification:






Moderate Evidence of Effectiveness

Age/Grade Level:

Target Settings:

Target Groups:

Middle School
High School

Inner City

Grade Level
School Wide


Other Participation Criteria:

All Ethnicities


Guidance N Action is preparation endowed with an infinite affiliation for success. This program is designed to cultivate the traditional stance of public school life to an elevated advancement that involves closing the gap between the children that are celebrated and those that are tolerated. The guiding lights of our mission are to induce students understanding and conceptual outlook of life, develop and maintain greater coping and adaptation skills toward the overall school experience. Children often times steer where they stare, however with proper guidance imparted they can be groomed into being responsible, well rounded adults. Moreover, the vision entails the conception of liberation for every child to push past their immediate environment to reach the climax of possibilities for tomorrow. The program is patterned to transform dreams into reality with the energetic concept of GGL (Go expecting, Get what you came for, and Leave Smiling).

Program Descriptors Include:
Academic Improvement, Alternative Education, Attendance/Truancy, Behavior Management/Discipline, Bi-lingual/ESL, Bullying/Violence, Charter School, Counseling/Advisories/Coaches, Extra Curricular, Small Learning Communities

Starting Date: 2008
Students Served Per Year: 50-250
Last Verified: 2010

Risk Factors:

Protective Factors:

Program addresses the following:

Individual factors

  • High-risk peer group
  • High-risk social behavior
  • Low achievement
  • Retention/overage for grade
  • Poor attendance
  • Low educational expectations
  • Lack of effort
  • Low commitment to school
  • No extracurricular participation
  • Misbehavior
  • Early aggression

Family factors

  • Low socioeconomic status
  • High family mobility
  • Lack of conversations about school

School factors

  • Student engagement

Community factors

  • Youth social attitudes

Program promotes the following:


  • Opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Good relationships with parents, peers, and teachers
  • Involvement with positive peer activities


  • Positive/resilient temperament


  • Self efficacy


  • Flexibility


  • High expectations by community, family, school, and self


  • Instruction on behavior and social skills
  • Supportive school climate
  • Teach self-determination and self-advocacy skills including student/person-centered planning
  • Eliminate practices that push students out of school

Program Resources:

Annual Cost:

The annual cost range of the program is less than $25,000 or less than $500 per student.

Funding Sources Include:

Program Staff Includes:

School Districts

School Administrators

Materials Used:

Supporting / Partner Organizations:

Instructional Texts/Manuals

National Center for Youth Issues

Evaluation Information:

The program was implemented at Goodlett Elementary School from 2006-2009. During the 2005 school year there were 417 office referrals and 120 fights. By the end of 2008 there were 50 office referrals and 0 fights.

How evaluation data was collected:
Data collected and analyzed at school/district level

National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities
209 Martin Street
Clemson, SC 29631-1555
Toll Free: 866-745-5641
TDD: 866-212-2775
Fax: 864-656-0136
Email: NDPCSD-L@clemson.edu

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