Model Program

Mountain Education Center High School

191 Old Big A School Road
Toccoa, GA 30577

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Contact Information:
Carol Reid
Administrative Assistant

Program Specification:






Limited Evidence of Effectiveness

Age/Grade Level:

Target Settings:

Target Groups:

High School




Other Participation Criteria:

All Ethnicities


MECHS is an evening, self-paced, public, high school that grants regular Georgia High School Diplomas. In addition to our full-time students, we serve a population of students who take a class or classes with us part time and transfer the completed credit(s) back to the high school in which they are enrolled full time. We have four 9th-12th grade sites throughout North Georgia. We are open year round and hold classes in the afternoon and evening, Mon-Thurs, from 4:00pm to 9:30pm. Our curriculum is self-paced and mastery based, meaning that students progress through the course at their own pace, taking as much or as little time to satisfactorily complete the various course modules as is needed. As a result, no failing grades are given. Students work until they pass. Make-up credit is available for students who have failed a course. Making up failed courses permits students to stay on academic track and graduate with their class. Students may also complete courses they are not able to fit into their schedule at their regular school. New courses require seat time equal to the referring school.

Program Descriptors Include:
Academic Improvement, Attendance/Truancy, Computer Assisted Instruction, Counseling/Advisories/Coaches, Early Childhood Education, Substance Abuse, Life Skills Training

Strategies for Locating Students:

Starting Date: 1995
Students Served Per Year: 50-250
Reenrolled Students with Disabilities: N/A
Last Verified: 2010

Risk Factors:

Protective Factors:

Program addresses the following:

Individual factors

  • High number of work hours
  • High-risk peer group
  • Low achievement
  • Retention/overage for grade
  • Poor attendance
  • Low educational expectations
  • Lack of effort
  • Low commitment to school

Program promotes the following:


  • Presence and involvement of caring, supportive adults
  • Opportunities and rewards for pro-social involvement
  • Good relationships with parents, peers, and teachers
  • Perception of support from adults and peers

Program Resources:

Annual Cost:


Funding Sources Include:

Program Staff Includes:

Federal Agencies
State Agencies
Local/City/County Agencies
School Districts

School Administrators

Materials Used:

Supporting / Partner Organizations:

Computer/Internet Based

Georgia DOE

Evaluation Information:

In 2007, 189 students graduated from the MEC sites

How evaluation data was collected:
Data collected and analyzed at state or organizational level