Model Program

Parent Leadership Training Institute

18-20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

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Contact Information:
Dawn Homer-Bouthiette

Program Specification:






Strong Evidence of Effectiveness

Age/Grade Level:

Target Settings:

Target Groups:

All Ages


School Wide


Other Participation Criteria:

All Ethnicities


PLTI has these goals: Help parents become the leaders they would like to be for children and families; Expand the capacity of parents as change agents for children and families; Develop communities of parents within regions of the state that will support one another in skills development and successful parent action for children; Facilitate systems change for parental involvement with increased utilization of parents in policy and process decisions; and Increase parent-child interactions and improve child outcomes through parent involvement.

Program Descriptors Include:
Family/Parental Involvement, Life Skills Training

Starting Date: 1993
Students Served Per Year: Unspecified
Last Verified: 2009

Risk Factors:

Protective Factors:

Program addresses the following:

Individual factors

  • Low achievement

School factors

  • Limited resources: expenditures per student/ teacher salaries/ student-teacher ratios
  • School policies and practices

Program promotes the following:


  • Presence and involvement of caring, supportive adults


  • High expectations by community, family, school, and self

Program Resources:

Annual Cost:


Funding Sources Include:

Program Staff Includes:



Materials Used:

Supporting / Partner Organizations:


American Leadership Forum, Leadership Greater Hartford, Connecticut Commission on Children

Evaluation Information:

The PLTI provides parents with new skills and knowledge valuable for supporting child outcomes, as well as a greater sense of efficacy. Alumni described changes in their behavior before and after attending PLTI. Assessments of their pre-training behavior are shown in parenthesis. 86% (34%) agree that they "get in touch with elected officials when important bills or issues about my community are pending" 97% (47%) "understand how service systems for communities are organized" 92% (48%) agree that "when problems arise within my community, I do something about them" 99% (54%) are "able to access information to help me better navigate my community." Alumni described the overall impacts of PLTI involvement on their lives as follows: 81% agreed that PLTI "improved my knowledge and skills in being an agent of change" 78% agreed that PLTI "improved my self-confidence" 56% "are able to use the skills and knowledge from PLTI in the workplace"

How evaluation data was collected:
Outside experimental studies

Additional Evaluation Information: