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Engaging Youth in Prague: One School’s Skills for Life Program

Rebecca Antblad, Ben Antrobus, Sam Roberts, and Stephanie Seidl Preface Terry Pickeral, President, Cascade Educational Consultants, Bellingham, WA, USA Riverside Junior High School in Prague provides an inspiring and challenging education that engages students through a dynamic and innovative curriculum. To motivate students to reach great heights and explore new initiatives through a variety of […]

From Computers to Competencies: Why We Canned the “Canned” Curriculum

Rachel A. Tambornino Abstract This article examines one high school’s change in curriculum from branded computer-based programming (credit recovery) for at-risk high schoolers to a competency-based curriculum. Examples of how the changes were made, the design process, and the alignment to standards are given. The impacts on student learning, attendance, graduation rates, and increase in […]

Teaching Through a Latin American Medical Mission Trip

Teaching Through a Latin American Medical Mission Trip Stephanie C. Davis and Elizabeth A. Hinz During a recent Spring break, Dr. Stephanie Davis, Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at Clemson University; and Elizabeth Hinz, lecturer in the School of Nursing at Clemson University, co-led a medical mission trip to a […]

Cap’Ten, Be the Captain of Your Own Project

ICHEC-PME – Brussels Laurence Lievens Preface ICHEC, one of the largest business schools in the French Community of Belgium, took on the challenge of inspiring entrepreneurship in children ages 10-12 years. The college had already embarked in the early 1990s to better prepare its own graduates to work in the business world and to improve […]

One Is Too Many: Personalized Guidance for Retrieving Early School Leavers

Yvette Daniel and Finney Cherian Abstract This study profiles the efforts of one Ontario school board in its reintegration practices for early school leavers through an initiative called Opportunity Diploma (OD), a program which enables these students to accumulate their high school credit requirements using cooperative education. We adopt a case study methodology using interviews […]

Youth Voice: The World Better Watch Out!

Hunter Mullis Preface Amy Meuers, National Youth Leadership Council, Saint Paul, MN One of the single most important elements in getting youth to lead is youth voice. It can also be one of the most challenging aspects of high quality service-learning practice. Very little research supports the practice of youth voice, and what does exist […]

Access Issues in Kenyan Primary Education

James Nampushi and Noah Welsh Typical Kenyan Classroom.   Navigation Links Methods Poverty Discrimination Against Females Transportation Looking to the Future Discussion References About the Authors Prior to the British colonization of Kenya, indigenous people had a flourishing educational system, which was conducted in the context of family, community, clan, and cultural group (Mungazi, 1996). […]